How much does sight move per click?
10 click has .004/click on 24 turn knob
and 20 click has .002/click on 24 turn knob
Does sight have rapid move?
Yes, you loosen side knob 1 1/2 turns, push in to move, release, micro-adjust to mark, tighten.
What type of lens does scope use?
It uses a 39mm ( 1.532" ) dia. Feathervision lense, I have 2X-4X and 6X in stock.
Do you have zero power lens?
I make a polycarbonate clear lens with zero power for sticking circle and dots on.
Do you have scale magnifier?
Yes, it replaces the metal pointer.
Do you have colored knob kits?
Yes, I have black, silver, pewter, red, green, blue, light blue, gold, light gold, orange, pink and purple.
Will any scope fit sight?
Any scope with 10-32 scope rod will fit.
How to keep fiber from moving in drilled lens?
Put a small amount of clear silicon on fiber where it will be sitting in lens, let dry, then pull into lens
Where is 2nd axis?
It's on adapter block that scope aperture attaches too with the two pins. Just loosen the two screws, to tilt block, bottom hole is slotted.
Does sight have 3rd axis adjustment?
Yes, it's on scope mount, there are two setscrews on side, you loosen one and tighten other to pivot arm the holds scope, just make sure both are tight when done.
What batteries does UV light use?
It uses three AG3 1.5 volt batteries, batteries only work with flat side down. You can get cheap off of ebay.
Do you have sight instruction?
I send a instruction sheet with every sight.
Do you have a 8-32 recurve pin mount?
Yes, you can replace the 10-32 scope mount with 8-32 recurve mount.
Is round cage threaded for light?
Yes, It will take any light with 3/8-36 thread.
Can I just get the hex tube for scope mount?
No, I sell the complete scope aperture only.
Can I send a bank transfer for international order?
No, I only use Paypal for international orders.
Is the weatherproof scale on sight set for yardages?
No, this is just a reference scale.
What type of warranty does sight have?
I have a 30 day full refund including shipping, after that I have free repairs, you just have to pay for shipping.
What size scopes do you have?
I only have one size, the housing OD is 1.75" the view thru is1.437" and it uses a 39 mm ( 1.532" ) dia. lense
What are guide rods made of?
They are made of titanium.
What is sight made of?
I use 6061 anodized aluminium.
Will sight fit any bow?
It will fit on any bow with the standard spacing of 1.312" for two #10 screws.
What is difference between compound or recurve sight?
The only difference is on recurve, I remove the dampener, remove the offset block and replace the 10-32 scope mount with 8-32 recurve mount.
Do you have drilled lenses?
Yes, I can drill the plastic lenses for .019-.029 or .039 fiber.
How much is shipping?
I have free shipping in US and shipping for international is calculated by location.
How much actual travel does each sight have?
The 3" frame has 1.5" travel. The 4" frame has 2.5" travel. The 5" frame has 3.5" travel.
What size is lens?
I only have one size, it's 39mm (1.532") dia.
What is your email?
Can you lighten sight?
The best way to save weight is to order only the size you need. The larger the frame and extension, the more it weighs. I also have reduced weight parts, email me for price.
Is pin metal or plastic and is fiber exposed?
Pin is metal with fiber in metal tubing, then 8" tail is in flexible tubing
What dia is scope?
I only have one size it's 1.75" OD with 1.437" view through.
Is sight adjustable for different yardages?
Yes, it has a rapid move button and a micro adjust button to set each yardage.
Is this a hunting or target sight?
Actually it's both, depends on setup you want.
What does sight weigh and cost?
It will tell you weight and price when you build your setup.
Does sight come with scope aperture mount?
Yes the sight will come with either a recurve aperture or scope aperture mount block.
How do I change lens?
There is a retaining ring, just unscrew to remove lens.


Installing Metal Sight Tapes:

Under cushion in case you will find a sheet of all the printed scales that are available.

Remove metal sight tape, under is a white writable tape, take note of location of 20 yard mark, all scales start in same location.

Start sighting in and if pointer doesn't have enough adjustment, you will have to remount extension to another location.

There are more tapped holes under the white tape for metal tape location.

Sight a 20 yard and a 40 yard mark in, then find printed scale that matches the best, then go to and order metal sight tape needed.